Gardening with Toddlers

I love growing a kitchen garden. But I love it even more this year since the kids can actually help me! 

One of the first things we picked was spinach. The kids helped pick all the plants, separate the leaves from stems, wash it all in a colander, and enjoy it as a salad for lunch!

Watering! Bean is finally big enough to do the hose!

Bean has been practicing with scissors and helping me clip herbs to dry every week, too! He loves finding things to cut. 😉

In addition to our small backyard garden, we enjoy going up to Greenbluff, the local farming area where you can hop between dozens of farms to pick your own produce! It’s an absolutely amazing reason to live in Spokane. 🙂

So far we’ve picked strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and blueberries!

How do your kids help in your garden?

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