Happy Easter

HE IS RISEN! Happy Easter everyone! I hope you celebrated with family and friends and enjoyed remembering the reason we have new life: the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice, death, and resurrection! May God bless you and keep you! Please follow and like us:

Dear Mama in the Fourth Trimester

Dear mommies in the fourth trimester*, As you’ve probably discovered by now, that first three months is a litany of contradiction, whether it’s your first—how on earth will we do this?—or your second—how will we balance two? (I have no experience beyond that. 😉 ) You’re tired— You probably haven’t slept more than a solid […]

The Five Rules - The Bitty-Bits Blog

The Five Rules (and a Sixth for FREE!)

It started with sharing. Bean was having a hard time remembering to share with Bird—after all having a little sister who actually wanted to play with him and his toys was new. From there we added the first two, mostly because we found ourselves repetitively reminding him to listen to our words, and say please […]

Baking with Kids: Fall Sugar Cookies

It was a very rainy day today so we took advantage of the time inside by making some delicious Fall Sugar Cookies! We simply took our sugar cookie recipe and added some all-spice, nutmeg, and cloves (I was out of ginger or I’d have added that too). They turned out delicious and were so much […]