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My Love-Hate Relationship with the TV

Fair warning: this is a long one… One of the first things I Decided when I found out I was pregnant and started my list of “Things We’re Going to Do When We Have Kids” was to limit our TV consumption. I was raised “in front of the television,” as was my husband (and frankly most […]

Delicious muffins made with pureed baby food! - The Bitty-Bits Blog

Baby Food Muffins

Now that Bird is finally done nursing, I’m excited to enter the stage where she gets to try new food! However, it’s always nice to have something on hand that I can give her to feed herself while I prep meals for Bean or myself (especially at lunch time). I scoured the internet for different […]

11 Reasons Why Parents Make the Best Actors

We know how to project. “Come here, come here, come here NOW!” We understand the importance of diction. “Suck.” “Excuse me? Oh, TRuck!” We know how to cry on cue. “And then he said, ‘I-wuv-oo’ for the first time!” “Awww!” We know how to take personal criticism. “Mommy, no sit on blanket.” We know how […]