Toy Story Birthday

Bean is three! I can hardly believe it! To be honest, I’ve never felt like birthdays need to be such a big deal (perhaps because mine is so close to Christmas), but I had a blast planning his birthday this year. I just love doing themed parties! Toy Story 2 is Bean’s absolute favorite movie […]

Stuck Indoors

We’ve been stuck inside a lot this winter thanks to snow, negative degree weather, and sickness. In an attempt to avoid screen time as much as possible,  we’ve gotten pretty creative with things to do! I thought I’d share some of the top ones for the next time you find yourself stuck inside! 1. Build […]

On the First Week of Christmas -The Bitty-Bits Blog

On the First Week of Christmas…

Merry Christmas! The season has begun! One of the first things we did this year is this Christmas tree window decoration. I started by taping contact paper to the window, sticky side facing me. Then I outlined a Christmas tree using some green paper scraps I’d saved from cutting out another project. Next came the […]

The Five Rules - The Bitty-Bits Blog

The Five Rules (and a Sixth for FREE!)

It started with sharing. Bean was having a hard time remembering to share with Bird—after all having a little sister who actually wanted to play with him and his toys was new. From there we added the first two, mostly because we found ourselves repetitively reminding him to listen to our words, and say please […]