Puppy Party!

Bird is TWO! I can hardly believe it! For her party, we went with a puppy dog theme because she LOVES them! She calls them “arfs” which is just the cutest thing ever. I ended up finding some fun puppy-themed plates, napkins, table cover, and balloons (with paw prints!) at Party City, but the rest […]

10 Unique Uses for Dry-Erase Markers

I love dry-erase markers. I buy them in bulk because I use them all over my house for labeling pretty much anything and everything! Here are some of the top ways I use them daily! 1. Label food containers as they head to the fridge or freezer 2. Label bulk storage containers until you know […]

18-Day Resurrection Egg Countdown

This was the first year I’ve attempted to make a Resurrection Egg Countdown to Easter. Apparently they’re so popular, you can even buy one already made! But they’re so simple to make, there’s really no reason to pay for one. However, I scoured the Internet and Pinterest and could not find an 18-day countdown. You […]