18-Day Resurrection Egg Countdown

This was the first year I’ve attempted to make a Resurrection Egg Countdown to Easter. Apparently they’re so popular, you can even buy one already made! But they’re so simple to make, there’s really no reason to pay for one. However, I scoured the Internet and Pinterest and could not find an 18-day countdown. You […]

Remembering the Cross with Food — The Bitty-Bits Blog

Remembering the Cross with Easter Food

This year for Easter, we’re trying to keep Christ and His sacrifice and resurrection at the center of everything, including food! To that end, we’ve had lots of fun getting really creative! Our first food craft was with Rice Krispie Treats! I’ve been avoiding working with Rice Krispie Treats because I worried they’d be too hot for the […]

Children’s Church: Naaman and Forgiveness

So what does the story of Naaman have to do with Easter, you might wonder? Well, first, you might wonder what the story of Naaman is—I know I had to look this one up before teaching! Naaman’s story is shared in 2 Kings 5. Naaman was a high-ranking general in the land of Aram, but he suffered from […]

Keeping the Cross Central

I LOVE Easter! I love that fresh smell of spring as buds start popping up and grass returns, even though every year I have to remind myself that usually Easter in the north includes snow still on the ground. Growing up in Ohio, I have distinct memories of snow-covered bushes with plastic eggs hanging off […]