Simple Ways to Make Food Fun!

It doesn’t take a “Pinterest Perfect Parent” to make food fun for your kids. Here’s some simple ways I get the kids involved with the process or make the food more fun to eat!

Make a teddy bear pancake simply with yogurt, raisins, and strawberry slices!

Cut a shape in their sandwich–whatever they want! We love puppies at the moment!

Make kebobs with chopsticks! The kids cut their bananas (it’s a great skill to practice!) into slices then skewered them up. I drizzled on some chocolate and stuck them in the freezer for a yummy outdoor treat!

Use alphabet pasta for spelling fun at dinner! 

Pick the fruit yourself! We love going up to the local farms and picking fruit as the season progresses!

Make a picture! Especially with veggies, the kids love eating them much more when they’re part of a picture!

The kids also helped cut the veggies with their new plastic knives, which gives them vested interest. 😉 

Rolling pretzel dough is like playing with play dough! For safety’s sake don’t eat it raw, of course, but it’s the rolling and shaping that’s so fun! We made some in the shape of letters for our names which made them taste even better! 😉 

What do you do with your kids to make food fun?

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