The Meredith Family: Read more about our adventures at the Bitty-Bits Blog!Hello and welcome to the Bitty-Bits Blog!

My name is Tricia and I’m a proud stay-at-home momma. That means my day consists of crafts and baking and cooking and sunshine and rainbows. Oh, and poop and pee and laundry and budgeting and food on the floor and messes in the basement and a clean-only-when-company-is-coming mentality… I strive every day to be Mary Poppins to my kids, though I admit, somewhere along the way I sometimes turn into T-Rex.

The name of this blog comes from a phrase I grew up saying in my family. When we’d sign off on letters, we’d always say, “I love you to bitty-bits!” Here you’ll find encouragement, crafts, food, and fun. My number one rule for myself in writing this blog is I will not apologize for the days I don’t blog because I’m too busy having fun with my kids! I’m excited to start this blog to share with other parents my journey and to offer encouragement and ideas for ways to show how much you love your kids.

My kids are awesome. They’re seriously the best. I’d like to introduce them to you as we get started.

My eldest is Bean. He’s 3 years old, extremely creative, full of energy, loves to read, cook, and do crafts with his mommy, enjoys helping and cleaning up (yes, he’s that amazing), and his favorite things right now are anything Toy Story or cars, trucks, planes, and trains.

My youngest is Bird. She’s 2 years old, loves to dance, pretend, squish all of her stuffed animals at once, play with anything her brother has, and is seriously the most joyful, funniest toddler I’ve ever met.

I have the incredible good fortune to be married to a wonderful man. He’s an artist, writer, board game designer, and full-time Best Dad Ever while working to provide for us. He enjoys crafting beer and designing board games in his free time.

My husband and I met while swing dancing in college in Spokane, Washington, where I swore I’d never live after graduation, and where we returned immediately after we had Bean to enjoy the incredible loving support of his family and the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Our favorite activities to do as a family include dancing, listening to music, cooking, baking, crafting, gardening, playing outside, reading, and going for drives and walks through the country.

Enjoy looking around! I hope you find something to help you love your wee ones to bitty-bits!