Daddy Loves You

Daddy loves you,

This I know,

For he always tells me so,

Little arms in his belong

They are weak but he is strong.

He will guide you if you ask,

He loves to help with each new task.

Tickling, playing, dancing fun,

Each day with him is a special one.

Yes, Daddy loves you.

Yes, Daddy loves you.

Yes, Daddy loves you.

He tells me every day.
Thank you to all the dads who love on their kids in different ways. Some dads work hard to provide for the family, sacrificing family time so there’s food on the table and a roof over sleeping heads. That’s our daddy. My husband works so that I can stay home. I know he’d give anything to be home with the kids, too, and I so appreciate his sacrifice for us. His hard work provides for us and shows us his love when he’s not here.

I pray that someday he’ll be able to work from home, so we won’t have to miss him so much during the day. But in the meantime, I’m grateful for the fun evenings and mornings we get to share, and the days off that are always too short!

Happy Father’s Day! We love you so much!

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