Learning Pointillism

We’ve found the most amazing show! Creative Galaxy is on Amazon Prime and it is so much fun!

It’s like Reading Rainbow, but with art! Each episode has a story surrounding an art project—like something you’d find on Pinterest.

Now, 1/4 the fun comes from watching the show, but 3/4 comes when you attempt to do the crafts shown in the show!

After the first episode, which teaches about pointillism (painting with dots like Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”), I said, “Let’s try it!”

We pulled out our dot paints and I let the kids go for it. And what do you know? They got it! Look at this beautiful art!

The second half of the episode was about building a house for a bunny. I didn’t have wood and wood glue on hand, but I always have tons of cardboard boxes, so we used those instead. I cut out doors and taped the roofs and then let the kids decorate them with markers and gluing felt. Bean made a house for his cars, and Bird made a house for her princesses.

They loved it so much that Bean asks after every episode now, “Can we do that?” So you can look forward to more posts with crafts from the show. 😉

I love having a time of hands-on learning and interaction after TV time to get us moving again! It’s so wonderful to have a show that encourages this and gives parents ideas for some crafts to do. The crafts are mostly simple and use things you probably have around the house already. When I don’t have what we need, I add it to my list and once I have the supplies, we’ll just watch the episode again and then make the craft.

We haven’t done everything yet, of course, and some things we may not get around to, but I appreciate shows like this for giving a parent something simple to do WITH their kids once the screen gets turned off. Makes me feel less guilty. 😉

So those are my thoughts, now back to some art time with my kids!


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