Puppy Party!

Bird is TWO! I can hardly believe it!

For her party, we went with a puppy dog theme because she LOVES them! She calls them “arfs” which is just the cutest thing ever.

I ended up finding some fun puppy-themed plates, napkins, table cover, and balloons (with paw prints!) at Party City, but the rest I tried to do myself. We went with green and blue streamers to match the balloons I’d found. I also made a “Come, Sit, Stay” sign for fun.

Then we set up stuffed puppies EVERYWHERE (very easy when you have tons of them already!).

I did my go-to for the silverware holder: cover a baby food container with themed wrapping paper! So simple, and works no matter the theme!

For cups, I bought simple white ones and drew puppy faces on them, then I set out markers and told people to decorate their dog drinks! This way we knew which cup was which by the puppy!

The food is where I had the most fun. We  had mini hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls (one of my favorite treats). Then we took corn tortillas, cut them into bone shapes, brushed them with butter and salt, and baked them into chips for salsa. Absolutely delicious homemade chips! My husband whipped up some baked “kibbles and bits” Chex mix, too! For extra fun, the kids and I made bone-shaped sugar cookies. 

For cupcakes I found an adorable idea on Pinterest to make paw prints with marshmallows! I used one large one and 4 mini ones. Again, so simple yet so cute!

For the gift bag Bird and Bean made doggy bags. We took brown paper bags and glued on googly eyes. Then I had them cut out noses from paint chips and glue those on. I put on the finishing touches: a mouth and stapled balloons for ears. Then the kids “colored” them, which really ended up being just some identifying scribbles, but, hey, they made them themselves! They turned out pretty cute!

The birthday girl had a wonderful time, and that’s what matters most! Happy birthday my sweet puppy princess!

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