11 Reasons Why Parents Make the Best Actors

We know how to project. “Come here, come here, come here NOW!” We understand the importance of diction. “Suck.” “Excuse me? Oh, TRuck!” We know how to cry on cue. “And then he said, ‘I-wuv-oo’ for the first time!” “Awww!” We know how to take personal criticism. “Mommy, no sit on blanket.” We know how […]

These are The World's Best Cookie. Period. - The Bitty-Bits Blog

World’s Best Cookie

I know the title seems like a stretch, but seriously, these are The World’s Best Cookie. Period. My family calls them Gorp Cookies but I’ve also heard them called Buffalo Chip Cookies and Ranger Cookies. First, mix up the ingredients. This is a really easy recipe where you just dump it into the mixer as […]

A Seusstastic Birthday Party!

My sister-in-law just threw a Seusstastic birthday party for her wee one who just turned one! It was amazing what she accomplished with such simplicity and, yet, elegance! Let’s start with these fantastic photos she took just by putting balloons in the birthday girl’s crib! Isn’t she adorable?! Her highchair was decorated with a simple banner. […]

Have you been outside today? Ideas for going outside found at the Bitty-Bits Blog!

Have You Been Outside Today?

Have you been outside today? Going outside is proven to do the following: Produce smiling children Produce dirty, smiling children Produce dirty, smiling children who want to live outside forever and ever If you haven’t been outside yet today, please stop reading right now and GET OUTSIDE! I don’t care if it’s raining! That just means […]