10 Unique Uses for Dry-Erase Markers

I love dry-erase markers. I buy them in bulk because I use them all over my house for labeling pretty much anything and everything! Here are some of the top ways I use them daily! 1. Label food containers as they head to the fridge or freezer 2. Label bulk storage containers until you know […]

Children’s Church: Naaman and Forgiveness

So what does the story of Naaman have to do with Easter, you might wonder? Well, first, you might wonder what the story of Naaman is—I know I had to look this one up before teaching! Naaman’s story is shared in 2 Kings 5. Naaman was a high-ranking general in the land of Aram, but he suffered from […]

Stuck Indoors

We’ve been stuck inside a lot this winter thanks to snow, negative degree weather, and sickness. In an attempt to avoid screen time as much as possible,  we’ve gotten pretty creative with things to do! I thought I’d share some of the top ones for the next time you find yourself stuck inside! 1. Build […]