Black Forest Cherry Cake with Kids!

It was Daddy’s birthday over the summer! It’s tradition to make him a schwartzwaldekirschtorte–otherwise known as a Black Forest Cherry Cake. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate and cherry! Well, it occurred to me as I was pinning recipes that really I could let the kids “decorate” the cake because it was mostly layering! […]

Toy Story Birthday

Bean is three! I can hardly believe it! To be honest, I’ve never felt like birthdays need to be such a big deal (perhaps because mine is so close to Christmas), but I had a blast planning his birthday this year. I just love doing themed parties! Toy Story 2 is Bean’s absolute favorite movie […]

A Little Blue Truck Birthday!

Although this post is a year old, it’s never too late to share more fun birthday ideas! For Bean’s second birthday, we chose a theme in line with his all-time favorite book: The Little Blue Truck. For invites, I used Facebook and uploaded a fun photo of Bean: I made the cake myself! Not as […]

A Seusstastic Birthday Party!

My sister-in-law just threw a Seusstastic birthday party for her wee one who just turned one! It was amazing what she accomplished with such simplicity and, yet, elegance! Let’s start with these fantastic photos she took just by putting balloons in the birthday girl’s crib! Isn’t she adorable?! Her highchair was decorated with a simple banner. […]