10 Unique Uses for Dry-Erase Markers

I love dry-erase markers. I buy them in bulk because I use them all over my house for labeling pretty much anything and everything! Here are some of the top ways I use them daily!

1. Label food containers as they head to the fridge or freezer

2. Label bulk storage containers until you know for sure what will be stored there (then make a more permanent label)

3. Keep a board on the front of your freezer with a list of what’s inside so you don’t have to keep opening the door to check (I also have one for my deep freezer so I don’t have to go all the way out to the garage to see what’s inside)

4. Weekly calendar

5. Weekly meal planning

6. Reusable activity and coloring books (also great for travel)

7. Babysitter’s checklist (found this printout at iMom) plus I have our bedtime routine on the back (I won’t share a picture of this since it has private info! 😉 )

8. Dry-erase roll (hang anywhere and everywhere)

9. “I love you today because…” (this is kept in our bedroom for my husband and I to pass back and forth)

10. “Today I feel…” (again, hangs in our room for now until we have teenagers with emotions that will need warning signs 😉 )

What it comes down to is: if you put it in a frame, you can dry-erase over it! I’ve also laminated things to write over, but I’ve found these are harder to clean without getting out rubbing alcohol–which cleans it, but it’s a hassle.

Hope this gives you some ideas! Please share ways you use dry-erase so I can try it, too!

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