Color Your Own Puzzles

I found these puzzle cards at a garage sale. I gave them to the kids to color and they loved it! Talk about a simple craft!

Another craft we did was making some colorful button bracelets with pipe cleaners.

But it was even more fun–and easier for little fingers–when we switched to Froot Loops for snack! Bean lined them all up on a pipe cleaner first and then ate them off there!

Bird didn’t have enough patience once the food came out so she just went for it with a spoon. 😉

 Another fun indoor craft became just learning to use scissors and cut paper into little pieces (Bean) and tearing paper into little pieces (Bird).

It’s been a busy summer with fires keeping us from playing outside some days because of the smoke, but we’ve been getting creative inside! Forts and tea parties and crafts, oh my!

More to come!

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