Why Does Food Taste Better Outside?

You can’t deny it: food tastes better outside.

Why? I don’t know! Is it the fresh air bringing more of the scent to your nose? Does the cold taste colder in the heat of the sun? Does the hot cocoa taste hotter in the cold of winter?

Just look at these happy faces! There is such joy in eating outside!

Messy popsicles lose their sting for the momma who has to clean up after the sticky treat when they’re eaten out in the grass.

Or how about frozen banana bites drizzled in chocolate? So messy good!

Sandwiches enhance their flavor when eaten in the sunshine.

A normal cheese and cracker snack turns into a fun and fancy cheese board.

Veggies are crunchy and sweet—a tasty treat! (Hint: They taste even better when they make a picture!)

And fresh fruit—oh! So yummy outside! Strawberries and blueberries and pears and apples and oranges and…I can hardly describe the delicious flavors they’re so wonderful!

So when’s the last time you ate something outside? I don’t know why it’s true, but I promise you, your next meal will taste better in the fresh air! 🙂

Hope you have a happy Fourth of July outside!

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